The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure - William Goldman

Before an actual (short) review, here's my own Instruction Manual for reading this 30th Anniversary Edition of The Princess Bride:

1. An original introduction to The Princess Bride

2. The Princess Bride itself

3. An Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Edition

4. An Introduction (Explanation) to The Buttercup's Baby

5. The Buttercup's Baby6. An Introduction to the 30th Anniversary Edition


The above mentioned Reading Sequence is important if you wish to maximize your reading pleasure. Otherwise you will minimize it, as all those introductions are basically follow-ups to the original story (as in what happened after...), and first-time readers should definitely skip them in order to avoid any confusion and possible annoyance.


The Princess Bride (the story, no introductions) was delightful, very entertaining fairy tale turned upside down. I believe that if I had read it as a child, I would enjoy it even more. Who knew? I so gladly chuckled on all the witty remarks and notes Goldman had put in the story. Introductions were also very amusing, as they were stories for themselves, about author's life with The Princess Bride - imaginary (now, I am certain you know that, but better safe than sorry) struggles, researches and achievements. Very very amusing - but only if you read The Princess Bride first! So please follow the Instruction Manual :)