Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories

Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories - Elmore Leonard

Western stories aren't so common nowadays - or at least I haven't read many - mostly Zane Grey's romantic novels in the high school, and italian comic books (Tex Willer, Kit Teller, Commandant Mark, even Zagor, Gil, Blek le Roc, any familiar?) with an older brother. So I was honestly suspicious about what to expect here. Well, what I got were six short stories and a novelette, all easy and exciting to read, all covering very maturely and realistically very different topics. The cowardice and heroism, the greed and cruelty versus honesty and kindness, the integrity and honour at the both sides of the law, the willingness to survive, to protect your own home and loved ones, to outsmart your adversary.


My favourite stories were Three-Ten to Yuma and The Kid. The first one perfectly depicted both sides of the laws as human beings, both prone to mistakes as well as to good and bad deeds. I found second one the most interesting, not reading such things quite often - about a wild orphan boy kidnapped and mistreated in the outpost in the middle of nowhere. No need to tell that the brave solution of his grave problem was found soon.In short, pretty cool collection, of quite well chosen stories.