Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Such a sad tone overwhelming the whole novel I haven't seen before. And yet, you come to terms of understanding why, and above all the horrors you read about, you surrender to that sadness just the same as the characters in the book.

Really remarkable and disturbing book, not a science fiction in the strict sense of speaking but an alternate reality. Even that notion of the category doesn't matter at all - it was only a perfect setting that enabled the author to bring to life so valuable characters you would really like to have for friends and lovers because they feel so close to you, and yet there was very high barbed wire put forcibly between them and... us. This book makes us to ask ourselves, who would in such a world be more human, them or us? I know what I think and what I would do. But I am not among the ones who decide in our name... And they rarely do read and ponder about such questions.