Life of Pi

Life of Pi - Yann Martel

Extraordinarily beautiful novel on all levels – may be read without any second thoughts, but it was oh so delightful read exactly because of those metaphysical wonders in which the reading unconsciously leads you! This was storytelling at its best! Descriptions of human-animal relations were so vivid and convincing. The sense of existential crisis, of body, mind, spirit and soul stranded in the middle of nowhere was totally palpable. Novel may be understood as an allegory as well, tackling the strength of human belief in something beyond his/her perceptions, of which your opinion will depend right on your views of the world, and if you are religious, it will depend right on the ways you perceive your god(s). If you are curious to see what in detail this means, in reviews - this and/or of other readers - please resist temptation! Read the novel for yourself and then come back if you would still care to hear other people’s opinions – because every review going deeper into the novel analysis would spoil your enjoyment of the book. Not that you wouldn't enjoy it anyway, but your own perception of the novel will be unconsciously marred by the perception of that other reader(s) whose review(s) you’ve read out of curiosity. I am so delighted by the novel, that I am certain I'll soon read it over again, despite having so many other books on my to-read list.

My eyes were opened suddenly with the questions that made me wonder, what if...? I might be quite slow for not perceiving the connection at once, but to be honest, didn't really wish to delve deeper into the story unless it would open itself alone to me – if story has to be pried into, forcefully dissected into smaller sections to be understood, as if we are in school, then I honestly would think it didn't achieve its goal. The story has to make you wonder without having to read it thrice to be certain that you've read the thing correctly. It should make you smile and admire it without making you first feeling dumb. This is that kind of the story. You really can admire it without trying to figure out deeper meaning of the whole thing. You really do not have to. It is indeed beautiful the way it is. Narrative is thrilling, characters fascinating, the whole setting amazing for any admirer of adventures, passions and torments of human soul and mind.


Life of Pi (the film) -- 9/10 (seen 13 January 2013)