Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith

Just a bit of note here: this one star (standing for 2 of 10) does not mean the book was written badly. No, on the contrary, it was really well written. Grammar, editing, all those things that sugar-coat the story were superb. But the story itself was dull and annoying... for me. It took me three months to finish the last chapter in one night. The truth is simple - every sentence regarding Abraham Lincoln was interesting, although narrative even there was a bit boring. Let's say everything was fine except those ... vampires. I cringed every single time the story turned to swinging of axes, vampire hunts and secret vampire conspiracies to enslave the country Lincoln was at last the president of. It is not that I cannot stand vampires. No, I just find annoying the fact some people find amusing to intertwine the historical facts and people with in this case silly childish horror fantasies. I do not mind alternate realities and histories. But this wasn't that kind of story. Battles which Confederates miraculously won because of vampire allies? Ridiculous, even mildly offensive to Southerners - really not my kind of humour. Everything somehow seemed wrong and disrespectful. It irritated me so much that I do not wish even to see the movie.