The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Jon Ronson

I was completely at loss after reading this book. Was it supposed to be funny or serious? I did laugh at some parts, but that laugh was more incredulous, in the way -- is author really trying to tell us that the weapons (and more importantly, decisions) of any kind of destruction are in the hands of... idiots?
The results of his research (more or less accurate, you can't be certain that no one didn't just play games with one silly ignorant journalist as he sometimes seemed to be) are presented inconsistently, the only thing connecting them was some idiotic idea of new age invader army delivering flowers with smile to scared local peasants-would-be-enemies, from which it seems that all the evils in the book took the original inspiration.
This kind of journalism, non-fiction, whatever, does more harm than good. Sometimes you have only one chance to say what you have to say, because people tend to not listen anymore once you ridicule the issues they think are important. And I really hope that this book won't outweigh other books that tackle these issues more seriously. Otherwise we won't be better than those dangerous armed id-- err... 'military officials' in the book.